First Week in Canada!

Sister Vallejo and me

Hello my wonderful family and friends!!!!!!

So yeah my p-day is mondays.  I sent a postcard, and Sister Tilleman was SUPPOSED to send an email… maybe she forgot or you guys didn’t get it.  I LOVE my quilt.  It’s so nice and warm.  Which is good because it’s already getting chilly here.
I am in an area called Campbell River.  Google it.  It’s gorgeous!!!  Seriously.  It’s a little city on the coast.  Beautiful.
My companion’s name is Sister Vallejo.  It’s crazy, because Kayla’s aunt Teri told me to look for her, because she grew up in Cedar Hills and went to my elementary school.  We didn’t know each other, but she lived there!  Crazy!  So yeah, she’s my trainer.  She’s not Stones, but she is awesome!  She really helps me to stay focused on the gospel and not get sidetracked on other things. I do feel a little bit not like myself though because I can’t sing songs that aren’t hymns, I can’t quote movies… it’s really hard.  But it will be good.
I’m not allowed to listen to anything but hymns, mo-tab, and instrumental stuff, so sadly, not a lot of the stuff on the ipod.  But once again, obeying with exactness will help me.
President Tilleman is amazing.  Seriously.  5 months ago, he got attacked by a dog, and fell and hit his head on a concrete wall and had a serious spinal cord injury.  The doctors told him he wouldn’t walk again.  Well, obviously those docs didn’t know anything about the power of the Priesthood.  He’s walking around without anything to help him.  The AP’s gave him a blessing and he is healed.  He still feels pain sometimes, and he goes numb sometimes, but he’s amazing.  Honestly.  So we are a “white bible” mission.  Meaning, we obey with exactness.  Ergo…. mom will you tell Aaron to email me his address and then I will respond to his emails with snail mail?  We’re only allowed to email immediate family and grandparents.
We had a baptism scheduled this Wednesday for this adorable lady named Vicki, but it fell through because she is having a hard time with the Word of Wisdom.  It’s difficult, but she’s trying to do the best she can.  So we are going to think of a new date for her to work towards.
Mom that is crazy about your friend!!  That’s really so sad.  I don’t know where I’d be without the gospel! (well, not Canada, I can tell you that… hahaha)  It’s amazing how people can go astray.  The gospel is SO true, and there’s no denying it.  Honestly.
I have some letters I need to stick in the mail, because I didn’t have canadian stamps, so I had to buy some today and get them sent off.  So that’ll be happening today. 🙂
Darci’s lesson sounds fantastic!!!!  I can see how she’d be a great teacher, being a teacher for a living.
The ward in this area is TINY!!!  It’s actually a branch, and about 30-45 people come to church on Sundays.  It’s insane!  There’s this adorable lady named Sister Shideler who is very involved with the missionaries.  She bought us lunch last week and fed us supper the same day.  It was so nice.  And she’s signed up for like 3 suppers this week. (yeah…. we say supper here…. hahahahaha)
Our apartment is little, but super cozy and super cute.  I really love it.  We live over the garage of a member family in the ward named the Knowles.  They are from England.  They’ve got 3 adorable kids, Jacob who is 10, Isabelle who is 8, and Milly (Milicent) who is 5.  They’re super cheeky but really cute.  Isabelle wants to go on a mission. 🙂  They had us over for supper last night.  It was super good.  Sister Knowles made individual yorkshire puddings, and since she’s actually British… they were ridiculus.  Soo yummy.
Our yard is beautiful.  Honestly, you see the house, then the backyard is GORGEOUS.  and the yard all around is forest.  Literally.  We had a buck (deer) on the front porch the other day.  I got some pictures I’ll send you soon.  OH!  Actually, I’m sending the whole SD card today when I get home.  So look for that.
Well, my time is almost up.
I miss you all SOO much and I wish I could see you.
OH! that reminds me… they don’t do skype here on Christmas and Mother’s day. Just phone calls. 😥  Oh well, that’ll be great too.
Seriously can’t describe how much I miss you all.  It’s really hard at times. but It will be worth it.
Love you!!!

Sister Arbon


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