Yes there are bears here. 🙂  And cougars.  And wolves.  And moosen in the woodinesen.
Vicki is still at a standstill… she is trying to find a loophole in the commandments, which is no bueno.  She is saying her weed use is for pleasure, but she is trying to get a prescription for it so she can still use it… not good.  At all.  In the end, she’ll be backed up to a wall of faith and she’s either gonna do it, or not.  We’re just praying.
Sister V is great.  🙂  I really like her.  I do sometimes have a hard time taking direction…. go figure.  Haha.  She’s just very set on keeping me focused.  Which is good, but at times very trying.  Because I feel like I can’t REALLY be myself around her.  But it’s all about humbling myself. 🙂  Which I can do.
The Knowles are all great!  They’re such an awesome family.  I love them!
Sunday was MARVELOUS!!!  We went out tracting last night, in the rain, in the dark, and we were both about ready to call it a night.  Then I said, let’s do this house up here.  It was kind of a sketchy looking one, but I just felt we needed to.  So we knocked, and this darling lady named Sandra answered the door.  She talked with us for like 45 minutes.  Her dad had just died a month ago and we had a very uplifting conversation with her.  So wonderful.
We have 3 new potential investigators, that we are actually meeting with tonight.  so PLEASE pray for Julene, Kyla, and Jeanenne.  That’d be awesome.
Mail takes about a week to 10 days.  I sent some letters last monday, so hopefully you’ll get them soon. that’s when I sent the sd card.
I love you sooo much!!!  I miss you all the time, but I’m where I need to be.
I know this.
It’s really hard.  REALLY hard.  Because I really just wanna quit some days, but I know I can’t.  People need me.  =D

Well, I actually gotta go!!!  We are cutting p-day short because of our appointments with the new potentials.  Pray for us!!!

😥  I love you!!!  Have a great week!

Sister Arbon


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