Elk Falls

Just a little info on Elk Falls Sister Arbon mentioned she was visiting today.

Elk Falls Provincial Park is located west of Campbell

 River on central Vancouver Island, and is named

 for the 25-metre waterfall on the Campbell River

that plunges over a rocky precipice into a

rock-walled canyon below.

 Visitors are attracted to Elk Falls Park for different

reasons. Some come for the beautiful scenery,

whilst others fly in for some of the finest year-round

salmon fishing in the world.

Other attractions include magnificent forest trails,

 the nearby Quinsam River salmon hatchery and

 in autumn, salmon spawning in the Quinsam and

 Campbell Rivers.

During late spring and through the summer, you

can head to the tidal waters to fish the legendary

chinook and feisty coho.

 Rainbow, cutthroat and Dolly Varden are stocked

 in the surrounding lake areas as spring progresses.

From November to March, the steelhead run in

 the Quinsam River.

Explore the extensive network of walking and hiking

trails in elk Falls Provincial park.

The pop ular Canyon View Trail provides beautiful

walks through mature Douglas-fir forest, home to

 Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Dark-eyed Junco

 and Golden-crowned Kinglets.

The Quinsam River Trail follows the Quinsam River

 upstream and outside of Elk Falls Park to the

 Quinsam River Hatchery, which rears Pink,

Coho, and Chinook salmon, and Steelhead and

Cutthroat trout for release into the Quinsam River.

The Beaver Pond / Kingfisher Trail parallels

wetlands and leads from the campground back

toward the Campbell River and Hwy 28.

Visitors can spot beavers and marsh birds along this trail.

The Millennium Trail parallels the Campbell River along the canyon route, offering excellent views of the waterfall and the mature forest, containing some old-growth Douglas fir.

This park offers 122 vehicle accessible campsites.

Approximately 25 of these sites border the Quinsam

River; the rest are set in a second-growth forest.

The Quinsam Campground entrance is located on

the west side of the Quinsam Bridge.

The campsites provide a convenient base camp

for day tripping to attractions in Gold River,

Sayward, Kelsey Bay, Rock Bay, the Sayward

Forest area and the wonderful parks on Quadra

Island and Cortes Island.


Heya….how’s it goin’ eh?

Dear family and friends,

This was a really up and down week for me.  It started off good, got not so good on Friday and Saturday, then got awesome yesterday!  We got a new investigator this week named Lorne.  He is a 19 year old kid who is very intellectual, analytical, wants proof, etc.  He’s led a sad life of abuse and has bounced around in foster care.  He’s agnostic and doesn’t believe that a loving God would have let him go through the things he has.  He is now living with his biological mom.  The story of how we found him is actually pretty cool!  His mom was on our potentials list for some unknown reason, and I felt very strongly that we needed to stop by and see her.  And when we did, Lorne answered.  He said his mom wasn’t interested in anything religious, but that he was very interested.  It’s so amazing how Heavenly Father leads us to people that are needing to hear the gospel!

Vicki came with us to his lesson, because we have to have a girl with us, and the member backed out at the last minute, so in a blind panic, we called Vicki.  She was AMAZING in the lesson!!  She bore her own testimony, and really helped a lot!  It was amazing!
She was able to go to watch one of our old investigators get baptized yesterday.  The lady who was baptized is named Ricki.  She lives in Campbell River during the summer, then goes back to Port McNeil for the school year.  She’s a teacher.  She’s been waiting for a year to be baptized, because she she was waiting for her husband to marry her.  She was “married” to him in a tribal ceremony, but it wasn’t recognized by B.C. law, and they didn’t know this until the day of her baptism a year ago, so they had to postpone until they were married.  She’s been patiently waiting.  It’s amazing how strong a testimony she has!  I love her!  Such an amazing lady.  But they were legally married on Friday, and she was baptized yesterday!  We were sad that she did it up there, but that’s where the original missionary who taught her is.  So it makes sense.
Vicki was SO overjoyed to watch it, and now she wants it for herself even more!!!  It’s amazing!  It’s only a matter of time.  She’s given up coffee… now if she would quit the pot, she’d be good! Haha. Today, Vicki is taking us to a place called Elk Falls…. we’re really excited!  Look it up.  It’s supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!  I’ll take lots of pictures.

Sister Bordeleau phoned us this last Tuesday and said that Marcel said he wants to make a shepherd’s pie, and that he likes shepherd’s pie, and thinks we would really like it too.  So in other words, he wanted us over for supper.  So we were there Saturday.  They are two of my favorite people ever.  Marcel is always in such good spirits, despite his cancer and radiation.  He’s not a member, but he LOVES having us over.  He worries about us.  It’s so cute.  He’s started to stick around for our messages after dinner, and Saturday, we read John 14:27, and then sang “Where Can I Turn For Peace?”  and he cried.  He really was touched by the Spirit.  Great night with them.

Yesterday was wonderful!  I gave a talk in church (to the 15 who showed up) on “Blessed are the Pure in Heart”.  Not my best work, but not bad.  The rest of the day was great!  Sunny, warm, lots of interested people, very nice day!

Well, I have to get going!  I love you all so much and thank you for your prayers!!!  And Elise, congratulations on going through the temple!!!  So wonderful!!!!!  You’ll be a great missionary!
Have a happy birthday on Saturday my WONDERFUL daddy, and Happy birthday last week to my awesome friend Stanley!!  And “hi” Jordan!!! Haha.
I love you all so much!
Have a wonderful week!!!

Jesus is the Christ!!!
Love Sister Arbon

Mountains to Climb!

My Dearest, Darlingest Family,

This week was kind of lackluster.  Not really a lot to report.  Our 2 new investigators from a couple weeks ago are both probably going to be dropped this week, because neither of them will now return our calls.  We’re super frustrated about that.

However, we have had 2 new less actives that we’ve been able to talk to!  We were tracting last week, and there was a girl named Melissa whose door we knocked on and she was like “Oh, I’m mormon!  I didn’t even know there was a church in town!”  So we were able to meet with her, and get her records in the ward, and we’re teaching her (she hasn’t been active since she was a kid) and we’re trying to get her husband to let us teach him.  We have dinner at their home on Tuesday, so pray for that!

The other is a lady named Aleene.  Same deal about tracting and knocking on her door.  She’s not quite as open as Melissa, but still very nice and totally willing to let us stop by.  So we’ll see how that goes!

I don’t remember if I have told you about the Bordeleaus…. Well, a less-active named Shelley Bordeleau is one of the SWEETEST ladies ever!!!  I love love love her!!!  She is fully back in the church now and is working on getting a temple recommend back!  She wears her g’s again and is trying to help her husband Marcel find his own faith.
Marcel is not a member of the church, but he is honestly one of the absolute sweetest old men I’ve ever met ever.  He is dying of lung cancer.  😦  He started his radiation therapies last week, and this week he has 5 treatments!  He’s so strong though.  He won’t admit that he is tired and in pain.  The bishop and 1st counselor gave Sister B a blessing the other day, and Marcel agreed to sit in the room and listen, and he was touched by the Spirit and he cried.  He said to her on Saturday “you know I’m not going to join your church…”  Meaning, he’s been thinking about joining the church.  She’s NEVER asked him about it, so the thought had been in his head.  We just try to bring them both comfort.  He called us this morning and said “I really want you sisters to come over for dinner on Saturday.  I’m going to make shepherd’s pie.  I like it and think you will too.”  He’s ADORABLE!  I love him.

This week, we had one fun moment.  We were watching the District videos (ask Parry and Andrew), and we (I) decided to make a night of it!  So we made popcorn the old fashioned way. It was a trial of errors, because we didn’t quite know how.  But we heard popping so we knew we had triumphed!!!  Then we topped it with this awesome chipotle mango powder that Sis. Bordeleau had given us.  So we had popcorn and the district to watch!!  Great time!  Compliments of my fun loving brain!! Hahaha.

Well, my time grows short.  I KNOW that this gospel is true!!!  It is made known to me daily!  Personal study is the best hour of the day!  I urge you all to study your scriptures personally and as families!!! TRULY!!!  It’s amazing!  And read “Mountains to Climb”, Pres. Eyrings talk from last conference!!!  It has changed my life!!!  Our faith is STRENGTHENED as we endure trials and we can climb any mountain that is placed in our path.

Heavenly Father knows each of us individually.  I know this.  It has been made manifest to me throughout the last week.  It’s very very very very hard.  But very x 1000 worth it.  He is there for us all the time.  All we must do is ask, and it shall be given.  He loves us.  He knows us.  Through His Son’s Atonement, we can be made clean, and we can receive peace in our times of great trial.

I love you all SOOOO much and can’t wait to hear more from you!!! PLEASE SEND ME LETTERS!!!!!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!  My hot mama has the address. 😀


Sister Arbon

P.S.  Debbie…. heard about your run in with security…… 😀 hahaha. Love you!  So happy for you both!

Hello Again from Beautiful Campbell River

My week was pretty good.  Not too much news on the investigators..  They’ve all kind of stopped progressing. 😦  We’re stumped about what to do.  It’s kind of a “Best Two Years” situation as far as the no success thing.  We fast a lot… which is no fun, but needed.
Abby is such a sweetheart.  I love her!  She sent me the funniest picture of my face on a Canadian’s body.  It was hilarious!  Did you see it?  Hahaha.  Me and Sister V got a kick out of it.
Parry actually wrote to me last week!!  It was so great to hear from him!!  He gave some great encouragement!  Give him a hug for me!!  😀
Yeah…. Abby told me about the fish tacos.. hahaha.  . 😀
Oh Poor Mammaw. 😦  That’s probably so hard for her to just watch her siblings go one by one.  Give her the biggest hug ever for me.  I wrote her  a snail mail and am sending it today.  Would you let her know that I got her letter that she sent to the mtc?  They forwarded it to the mission home, and the zone leaders ferried across the strait the other day and brought back all the mail, so I got it. 😀
Nope… I haven’t heard from anyone but Zach, KEB, and family.  Oh!  And dfcu employees. 😀  Kirstin is not there anymore, and Michelle is not there anymore . Kaitlyn is the new service manager!!!!!!  How great is that!!!  😀  And Emily is having a boy. 😀  And Jim is just awesome. haha
Oh my goodness Alivia says the funniest things!  I love her!!!  What a cutie patooty!  I LOVE the pictures!!!  So cute!!!  What a cheeky little thing.
Yes, I got the package. 😀  Thank you!!!  The mascara is amazing, and I love it.  If you ever find any neutral nail polish colors that you like, send em in a random package.  😀
Let me know as soon as Lisey gets her call!!!  (Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver!!! Yes!!)
Oh my goodness!!!!!  Thank you so much for the contacts!!!  I can’t wait till they get here!!! 2 boxes should be PLENTY to get me through the mission!!!!  You are amazing!!!!
I love that you like your ward.  That sounds like such a great day at church!!  I’m glad!!  Church was great for me too yesterday!  I got to teach the young women!  YAY!!  And Sacrament was amazing.  The talks were about selfless service, and then the closing song was “I’ll Go Where you Want me To Go”.  I cried and cried.  I’m a baby.
Oh Mama thank you so much for your thoughts about hope.  Seriously, I was telling Sister Vallejo the other day that the gospel brings me hope and peace.  And it’s so true.  I knock on people’s doors and see how lost they are.  They don’t even realize it.  And then there are the people that DO realize it, but don’t want to listen.  I always feel so much sadness walking away thinking, we could have given you something amazing!  But we leave everyone with a mormon.org card and one day… ONE DAY… they will look it up and call the number on the back.  Mark my words.
I LOVE the thoughts from the hymns… “I come to thee…”  I especially love that because my purpose as a missionary is to “invite others to COME unto CHRIST, by helping them receive the restored gospel….”  Not to baptize each person I meet, but to help them grow their faith in Jesus Christ.  It’s amazing to watch that happen.
My new favorite hymn is # 221 “Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd.”  It’s amazingly beautiful….
“Dear to the heart of the Shepherd.  Dear are the sheep of His fold.
Dear is the love that he gives them. Dearer than silver or gold.
Dear to the heart of the Shepherd, dear are his “other” lost sheep.
Over the mountains he follows, over the waters so deep.
Dear to the heart of the shepherd, dear are the lambs of his fold.
some from the pastures are straying, hungry and helpless and cold.
see, the Good Shepherd is seeking, seeking the lambs that are lost,
Bringing them in with rejoicing, saved at such infinite cost.
Dear to  the heart of the shepherd. Dear are the ninety and nine,
Dear are the sheep that have wandered out in the desert to pine.
Hark! He is earnestly calling, tenderly pleading today
“will you not seek for my lost ones, off from my shelter, astray?”
Green are the pastures inviting, sweet are the waters and still.
Lord, we will answer thee gladly, “YES BLESSED MASTER, WE WILL!
Out in the desert they wander, hungry and helpless and cold.
Off the the rescue he hastens bringing them back to the fold.”
I read those lyrics all the time…. YES blessed Master, I WILL seek for Your lost ones!!!!!
This is the most difficult and most rewarding work I have ever done.  I love every second.  And I love you soooo much!!!!  Have an amazing week!!!!  And write me snail mails, and post my address everywhere so I can get lots of stuff during the week,  It really makes my day.
I love you!!!!!!!  Know that at 11:25 (your time), every night, I am praying for you!!!!  and 7:30 every morning!!!  Have a great week!
Sister Arbon

Sorry!!! Labor day delay

Yesterday was Labor Day… and the library was closed.  So we couldn’t email.  It was really quite sad.

SO!  We had an amazing week!  So many miracles!! 

We’ll start with Kyla.  Kyla is the girlfriend of one of our less actives. He had called us to see if we would help her pack her home because she was moving. We did. She was VERY curious about the church and really wanted to know more. She has a 2 year old named Kaydence who she really wants to raise with a belief in God. So we said we’d come back Monday (hence the short pday) to help her clean her house after everything had been moved out.  We did, and we had a lesson with her about God’s love for us and how the gospel blesses families.  She then said she wanted to know more!  So we had a lesson with her friday night about the restoration, and we have ANOTHER lesson with her in 2 hours from now!  She is golden!!  Honestly, if she can just keep her commitments, she’ll totally be baptized.

Julina didn’t come with Kyla to the lessons, so we are going to try and set something separate up with her.

Jeanenne… is the cutest lady ever.  She sounds like Betty White.  And she’s hilarious.  We had a lesson with her monday as well, and we watched Finding Faith in Christ with her. She loved it and has a very strong testimony of the Bible and of Jesus Christ.  We HAD a lesson planned for last night with her, but she got the flu and had to go to the doctor.  Hopefully we’ll set up something else soon.

Vicki is having a very hard time right now.  She found out her boyfriend (fiance) has been viewing pornography since she has been keeping the law of chastity.  She is very hurt and upset and we are just really trying to help her get through that right now.  No new progress really.

There is a lady who you would just LOVE.  Her name is Sister Marie-Francoise Shideler.  She is the one who feeds us all the time, comes to all our lessons with us, is basically our mom. haha. She’s from France.  She’s so sweet and amazing.  She is being tested for MS right now though, so please pray for her.  She is so vital to our work.  We love her so much!  She just cooked us a huge turkey dinner the other night. So good.

Our whole mission had a goal last week to get 100 new investigators during the week. So we all fasted Sunday for it, and then we found out yesterday that the whole mission got 121 new investigators!!!!  It was such a miracle!!!  SO amazing!  Heavenly Father answers prayers.  It’s amazing.

So I really hate tracting. Hahahaha.  Honestly it is my least favorite thing ever.  So far.  I say this because yesterday, as we were tracting, we had a very mean man answer his door.  We were just offering to do some service and he was like “which church are you from?” and we told him.  And we asked if he’d ever heard of it before  and he said “*f word* yeah!  Ugh!  Ghastly religion!  Here’s your card back. get off my porch.” and he slammed the door.  That is so far the meanest we’ve had.  He was very unpleasant.  MOST people are at least polite about it.

I was opening my last dove chocolate from the mtc bag the other night, after a particularly long day, and the wrapper said “you are exactly where you are supposed to be.”  I was like… YEAH!  I am!!!  And that was amazing to me!  Because I really had had a very long day and I was so ready to crash in bed and not wake up at 6:30.  Then I read that and it was such a powerful statement.  I AM where I’m supposed to be!  I love it.

Well, things are going great.  I’m doing great.  I love you all SO much!!!  Thank you for your prayers and support!!!

Jesus IS the Christ!!!

Love Sister Arbon