Sorry!!! Labor day delay

Yesterday was Labor Day… and the library was closed.  So we couldn’t email.  It was really quite sad.

SO!  We had an amazing week!  So many miracles!! 

We’ll start with Kyla.  Kyla is the girlfriend of one of our less actives. He had called us to see if we would help her pack her home because she was moving. We did. She was VERY curious about the church and really wanted to know more. She has a 2 year old named Kaydence who she really wants to raise with a belief in God. So we said we’d come back Monday (hence the short pday) to help her clean her house after everything had been moved out.  We did, and we had a lesson with her about God’s love for us and how the gospel blesses families.  She then said she wanted to know more!  So we had a lesson with her friday night about the restoration, and we have ANOTHER lesson with her in 2 hours from now!  She is golden!!  Honestly, if she can just keep her commitments, she’ll totally be baptized.

Julina didn’t come with Kyla to the lessons, so we are going to try and set something separate up with her.

Jeanenne… is the cutest lady ever.  She sounds like Betty White.  And she’s hilarious.  We had a lesson with her monday as well, and we watched Finding Faith in Christ with her. She loved it and has a very strong testimony of the Bible and of Jesus Christ.  We HAD a lesson planned for last night with her, but she got the flu and had to go to the doctor.  Hopefully we’ll set up something else soon.

Vicki is having a very hard time right now.  She found out her boyfriend (fiance) has been viewing pornography since she has been keeping the law of chastity.  She is very hurt and upset and we are just really trying to help her get through that right now.  No new progress really.

There is a lady who you would just LOVE.  Her name is Sister Marie-Francoise Shideler.  She is the one who feeds us all the time, comes to all our lessons with us, is basically our mom. haha. She’s from France.  She’s so sweet and amazing.  She is being tested for MS right now though, so please pray for her.  She is so vital to our work.  We love her so much!  She just cooked us a huge turkey dinner the other night. So good.

Our whole mission had a goal last week to get 100 new investigators during the week. So we all fasted Sunday for it, and then we found out yesterday that the whole mission got 121 new investigators!!!!  It was such a miracle!!!  SO amazing!  Heavenly Father answers prayers.  It’s amazing.

So I really hate tracting. Hahahaha.  Honestly it is my least favorite thing ever.  So far.  I say this because yesterday, as we were tracting, we had a very mean man answer his door.  We were just offering to do some service and he was like “which church are you from?” and we told him.  And we asked if he’d ever heard of it before  and he said “*f word* yeah!  Ugh!  Ghastly religion!  Here’s your card back. get off my porch.” and he slammed the door.  That is so far the meanest we’ve had.  He was very unpleasant.  MOST people are at least polite about it.

I was opening my last dove chocolate from the mtc bag the other night, after a particularly long day, and the wrapper said “you are exactly where you are supposed to be.”  I was like… YEAH!  I am!!!  And that was amazing to me!  Because I really had had a very long day and I was so ready to crash in bed and not wake up at 6:30.  Then I read that and it was such a powerful statement.  I AM where I’m supposed to be!  I love it.

Well, things are going great.  I’m doing great.  I love you all SO much!!!  Thank you for your prayers and support!!!

Jesus IS the Christ!!!

Love Sister Arbon


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