Hello Again from Beautiful Campbell River

My week was pretty good.  Not too much news on the investigators..  They’ve all kind of stopped progressing. 😦  We’re stumped about what to do.  It’s kind of a “Best Two Years” situation as far as the no success thing.  We fast a lot… which is no fun, but needed.
Abby is such a sweetheart.  I love her!  She sent me the funniest picture of my face on a Canadian’s body.  It was hilarious!  Did you see it?  Hahaha.  Me and Sister V got a kick out of it.
Parry actually wrote to me last week!!  It was so great to hear from him!!  He gave some great encouragement!  Give him a hug for me!!  😀
Yeah…. Abby told me about the fish tacos.. hahaha.  . 😀
Oh Poor Mammaw. 😦  That’s probably so hard for her to just watch her siblings go one by one.  Give her the biggest hug ever for me.  I wrote her  a snail mail and am sending it today.  Would you let her know that I got her letter that she sent to the mtc?  They forwarded it to the mission home, and the zone leaders ferried across the strait the other day and brought back all the mail, so I got it. 😀
Nope… I haven’t heard from anyone but Zach, KEB, and family.  Oh!  And dfcu employees. 😀  Kirstin is not there anymore, and Michelle is not there anymore . Kaitlyn is the new service manager!!!!!!  How great is that!!!  😀  And Emily is having a boy. 😀  And Jim is just awesome. haha
Oh my goodness Alivia says the funniest things!  I love her!!!  What a cutie patooty!  I LOVE the pictures!!!  So cute!!!  What a cheeky little thing.
Yes, I got the package. 😀  Thank you!!!  The mascara is amazing, and I love it.  If you ever find any neutral nail polish colors that you like, send em in a random package.  😀
Let me know as soon as Lisey gets her call!!!  (Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver!!! Yes!!)
Oh my goodness!!!!!  Thank you so much for the contacts!!!  I can’t wait till they get here!!! 2 boxes should be PLENTY to get me through the mission!!!!  You are amazing!!!!
I love that you like your ward.  That sounds like such a great day at church!!  I’m glad!!  Church was great for me too yesterday!  I got to teach the young women!  YAY!!  And Sacrament was amazing.  The talks were about selfless service, and then the closing song was “I’ll Go Where you Want me To Go”.  I cried and cried.  I’m a baby.
Oh Mama thank you so much for your thoughts about hope.  Seriously, I was telling Sister Vallejo the other day that the gospel brings me hope and peace.  And it’s so true.  I knock on people’s doors and see how lost they are.  They don’t even realize it.  And then there are the people that DO realize it, but don’t want to listen.  I always feel so much sadness walking away thinking, we could have given you something amazing!  But we leave everyone with a mormon.org card and one day… ONE DAY… they will look it up and call the number on the back.  Mark my words.
I LOVE the thoughts from the hymns… “I come to thee…”  I especially love that because my purpose as a missionary is to “invite others to COME unto CHRIST, by helping them receive the restored gospel….”  Not to baptize each person I meet, but to help them grow their faith in Jesus Christ.  It’s amazing to watch that happen.
My new favorite hymn is # 221 “Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd.”  It’s amazingly beautiful….
“Dear to the heart of the Shepherd.  Dear are the sheep of His fold.
Dear is the love that he gives them. Dearer than silver or gold.
Dear to the heart of the Shepherd, dear are his “other” lost sheep.
Over the mountains he follows, over the waters so deep.
Dear to the heart of the shepherd, dear are the lambs of his fold.
some from the pastures are straying, hungry and helpless and cold.
see, the Good Shepherd is seeking, seeking the lambs that are lost,
Bringing them in with rejoicing, saved at such infinite cost.
Dear to  the heart of the shepherd. Dear are the ninety and nine,
Dear are the sheep that have wandered out in the desert to pine.
Hark! He is earnestly calling, tenderly pleading today
“will you not seek for my lost ones, off from my shelter, astray?”
Green are the pastures inviting, sweet are the waters and still.
Lord, we will answer thee gladly, “YES BLESSED MASTER, WE WILL!
Out in the desert they wander, hungry and helpless and cold.
Off the the rescue he hastens bringing them back to the fold.”
I read those lyrics all the time…. YES blessed Master, I WILL seek for Your lost ones!!!!!
This is the most difficult and most rewarding work I have ever done.  I love every second.  And I love you soooo much!!!!  Have an amazing week!!!!  And write me snail mails, and post my address everywhere so I can get lots of stuff during the week,  It really makes my day.
I love you!!!!!!!  Know that at 11:25 (your time), every night, I am praying for you!!!!  and 7:30 every morning!!!  Have a great week!
Sister Arbon

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