Mountains to Climb!

My Dearest, Darlingest Family,

This week was kind of lackluster.  Not really a lot to report.  Our 2 new investigators from a couple weeks ago are both probably going to be dropped this week, because neither of them will now return our calls.  We’re super frustrated about that.

However, we have had 2 new less actives that we’ve been able to talk to!  We were tracting last week, and there was a girl named Melissa whose door we knocked on and she was like “Oh, I’m mormon!  I didn’t even know there was a church in town!”  So we were able to meet with her, and get her records in the ward, and we’re teaching her (she hasn’t been active since she was a kid) and we’re trying to get her husband to let us teach him.  We have dinner at their home on Tuesday, so pray for that!

The other is a lady named Aleene.  Same deal about tracting and knocking on her door.  She’s not quite as open as Melissa, but still very nice and totally willing to let us stop by.  So we’ll see how that goes!

I don’t remember if I have told you about the Bordeleaus…. Well, a less-active named Shelley Bordeleau is one of the SWEETEST ladies ever!!!  I love love love her!!!  She is fully back in the church now and is working on getting a temple recommend back!  She wears her g’s again and is trying to help her husband Marcel find his own faith.
Marcel is not a member of the church, but he is honestly one of the absolute sweetest old men I’ve ever met ever.  He is dying of lung cancer.  😦  He started his radiation therapies last week, and this week he has 5 treatments!  He’s so strong though.  He won’t admit that he is tired and in pain.  The bishop and 1st counselor gave Sister B a blessing the other day, and Marcel agreed to sit in the room and listen, and he was touched by the Spirit and he cried.  He said to her on Saturday “you know I’m not going to join your church…”  Meaning, he’s been thinking about joining the church.  She’s NEVER asked him about it, so the thought had been in his head.  We just try to bring them both comfort.  He called us this morning and said “I really want you sisters to come over for dinner on Saturday.  I’m going to make shepherd’s pie.  I like it and think you will too.”  He’s ADORABLE!  I love him.

This week, we had one fun moment.  We were watching the District videos (ask Parry and Andrew), and we (I) decided to make a night of it!  So we made popcorn the old fashioned way. It was a trial of errors, because we didn’t quite know how.  But we heard popping so we knew we had triumphed!!!  Then we topped it with this awesome chipotle mango powder that Sis. Bordeleau had given us.  So we had popcorn and the district to watch!!  Great time!  Compliments of my fun loving brain!! Hahaha.

Well, my time grows short.  I KNOW that this gospel is true!!!  It is made known to me daily!  Personal study is the best hour of the day!  I urge you all to study your scriptures personally and as families!!! TRULY!!!  It’s amazing!  And read “Mountains to Climb”, Pres. Eyrings talk from last conference!!!  It has changed my life!!!  Our faith is STRENGTHENED as we endure trials and we can climb any mountain that is placed in our path.

Heavenly Father knows each of us individually.  I know this.  It has been made manifest to me throughout the last week.  It’s very very very very hard.  But very x 1000 worth it.  He is there for us all the time.  All we must do is ask, and it shall be given.  He loves us.  He knows us.  Through His Son’s Atonement, we can be made clean, and we can receive peace in our times of great trial.

I love you all SOOOO much and can’t wait to hear more from you!!! PLEASE SEND ME LETTERS!!!!!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!  My hot mama has the address. 😀


Sister Arbon

P.S.  Debbie…. heard about your run in with security…… 😀 hahaha. Love you!  So happy for you both!


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