Elk Falls

Just a little info on Elk Falls Sister Arbon mentioned she was visiting today.

Elk Falls Provincial Park is located west of Campbell

 River on central Vancouver Island, and is named

 for the 25-metre waterfall on the Campbell River

that plunges over a rocky precipice into a

rock-walled canyon below.

 Visitors are attracted to Elk Falls Park for different

reasons. Some come for the beautiful scenery,

whilst others fly in for some of the finest year-round

salmon fishing in the world.

Other attractions include magnificent forest trails,

 the nearby Quinsam River salmon hatchery and

 in autumn, salmon spawning in the Quinsam and

 Campbell Rivers.

During late spring and through the summer, you

can head to the tidal waters to fish the legendary

chinook and feisty coho.

 Rainbow, cutthroat and Dolly Varden are stocked

 in the surrounding lake areas as spring progresses.

From November to March, the steelhead run in

 the Quinsam River.

Explore the extensive network of walking and hiking

trails in elk Falls Provincial park.

The pop ular Canyon View Trail provides beautiful

walks through mature Douglas-fir forest, home to

 Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Dark-eyed Junco

 and Golden-crowned Kinglets.

The Quinsam River Trail follows the Quinsam River

 upstream and outside of Elk Falls Park to the

 Quinsam River Hatchery, which rears Pink,

Coho, and Chinook salmon, and Steelhead and

Cutthroat trout for release into the Quinsam River.

The Beaver Pond / Kingfisher Trail parallels

wetlands and leads from the campground back

toward the Campbell River and Hwy 28.

Visitors can spot beavers and marsh birds along this trail.

The Millennium Trail parallels the Campbell River along the canyon route, offering excellent views of the waterfall and the mature forest, containing some old-growth Douglas fir.

This park offers 122 vehicle accessible campsites.

Approximately 25 of these sites border the Quinsam

River; the rest are set in a second-growth forest.

The Quinsam Campground entrance is located on

the west side of the Quinsam Bridge.

The campsites provide a convenient base camp

for day tripping to attractions in Gold River,

Sayward, Kelsey Bay, Rock Bay, the Sayward

Forest area and the wonderful parks on Quadra

Island and Cortes Island.


One thought on “Elk Falls

  1. Thank you for the details and photos!!! Soooo beautiful!! 🙂

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