Heya….how’s it goin’ eh?

Dear family and friends,

This was a really up and down week for me.  It started off good, got not so good on Friday and Saturday, then got awesome yesterday!  We got a new investigator this week named Lorne.  He is a 19 year old kid who is very intellectual, analytical, wants proof, etc.  He’s led a sad life of abuse and has bounced around in foster care.  He’s agnostic and doesn’t believe that a loving God would have let him go through the things he has.  He is now living with his biological mom.  The story of how we found him is actually pretty cool!  His mom was on our potentials list for some unknown reason, and I felt very strongly that we needed to stop by and see her.  And when we did, Lorne answered.  He said his mom wasn’t interested in anything religious, but that he was very interested.  It’s so amazing how Heavenly Father leads us to people that are needing to hear the gospel!

Vicki came with us to his lesson, because we have to have a girl with us, and the member backed out at the last minute, so in a blind panic, we called Vicki.  She was AMAZING in the lesson!!  She bore her own testimony, and really helped a lot!  It was amazing!
She was able to go to watch one of our old investigators get baptized yesterday.  The lady who was baptized is named Ricki.  She lives in Campbell River during the summer, then goes back to Port McNeil for the school year.  She’s a teacher.  She’s been waiting for a year to be baptized, because she she was waiting for her husband to marry her.  She was “married” to him in a tribal ceremony, but it wasn’t recognized by B.C. law, and they didn’t know this until the day of her baptism a year ago, so they had to postpone until they were married.  She’s been patiently waiting.  It’s amazing how strong a testimony she has!  I love her!  Such an amazing lady.  But they were legally married on Friday, and she was baptized yesterday!  We were sad that she did it up there, but that’s where the original missionary who taught her is.  So it makes sense.
Vicki was SO overjoyed to watch it, and now she wants it for herself even more!!!  It’s amazing!  It’s only a matter of time.  She’s given up coffee… now if she would quit the pot, she’d be good! Haha. Today, Vicki is taking us to a place called Elk Falls…. we’re really excited!  Look it up.  It’s supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!  I’ll take lots of pictures.

Sister Bordeleau phoned us this last Tuesday and said that Marcel said he wants to make a shepherd’s pie, and that he likes shepherd’s pie, and thinks we would really like it too.  So in other words, he wanted us over for supper.  So we were there Saturday.  They are two of my favorite people ever.  Marcel is always in such good spirits, despite his cancer and radiation.  He’s not a member, but he LOVES having us over.  He worries about us.  It’s so cute.  He’s started to stick around for our messages after dinner, and Saturday, we read John 14:27, and then sang “Where Can I Turn For Peace?”  and he cried.  He really was touched by the Spirit.  Great night with them.

Yesterday was wonderful!  I gave a talk in church (to the 15 who showed up) on “Blessed are the Pure in Heart”.  Not my best work, but not bad.  The rest of the day was great!  Sunny, warm, lots of interested people, very nice day!

Well, I have to get going!  I love you all so much and thank you for your prayers!!!  And Elise, congratulations on going through the temple!!!  So wonderful!!!!!  You’ll be a great missionary!
Have a happy birthday on Saturday my WONDERFUL daddy, and Happy birthday last week to my awesome friend Stanley!!  And “hi” Jordan!!! Haha.
I love you all so much!
Have a wonderful week!!!

Jesus is the Christ!!!
Love Sister Arbon


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