So um… surprise!!  I got transferred!  Hahahaha.  We didn’t think that we would be transferred, because we didn’t get a call on Monday.  So we packed up and went across the ferry to Richmond for training and our 1st annual Sister’s Conference, and once we GOT there, (Wednesday night) we got a call from Elder King ( the AP).  The conversation goes as follows.. :

“Hello this is Sister Arbon.”

“Hi Sister Arbon it’s Elder King.”

“Oh heya!  How’s it goin, eh?”

“Oh not too bad.  Well this call is in behalf of President Tilleman.”

“Alright cool.”

“There has been a change in your transfer plans.”

“…….. Eh?”

“Yep.  Sister Arbon you will be tranferred to the North Island area with Sister Bosshardt, and Sister Vallejo will be training our new sister, Sister Brown.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“Nope.  You’re expected to get your stuff on your way home and head up to Port McNeill with Sister Bosshardt.”

“Alright…. thank you for the call.”

“You have a great night.”

“Yep… you too…”

New Address is…..  PO Box 1586, Port McNeill, BC, VON 2R0, Canada
It’s crazy because on our very long drive to Nanaimo to catch the ferry to Richmond, V and I were talking about how much we’ve grown to appreciate each other.  We had a great time on the drive rocking out to guitar versions of hymns. We were finally becoming friends as opposed to just companions.  And then I guess that’s all we needed to learn, and so they whisked me away to the beautiful bush of North Island.  (seriously… the city has 2000 people… it’s itty bitty, but the area covers all the surrounding islands.)
I already loved Sister Boss.  We met the first day I was here, and she is just amazing.  She has the greatest personality, and she is a POWERFUL tool in the Lord’s Hands.  Her capacity to love is absolutely astounding!  I’m ALREADY learning so much  from her! And we just barely got back on Saturday night.  We call her The Boss.  Because that’s much easier to say than Bosshardt. (pronounced bo-shard).  We are going to be great together!
President explained to me why he transferred me.  He said that sometimes the transfer board just doesn’t quite look right, and he had a very strong impression to send me to Port McNeill with The Boss instead of sending Sister Brown here.  Then he went on to explain that the North Island area is THE HARDEST area in the mission.  It is so sparsely populated that you already KNOW everyone who lives in town, and so you ALWAYS have to be on your “A” Game, so that you are always “on purpose” and being “that light” that the people need to see.  He then said, and I quote, “we ONLY send our very best up there.  And Sister Arbon, from your emails to me each week, I truly think that once you get there, it’s just going to be like popcorn waiting to pop.  You are up there with our best.  Don’t let me down.”
No pressure…… hahahaha.
This week was SO amazing!  Monday was pday, Tuesday was great, then Wednesday, we left at about 11 to drive to Nanaimo for the ferry, then the ferry is about a 2 hour trip across to Tsawwassen, then we drove to White Rock for the night.  Then Thursday morning, we went to our training and it was SO great!  President Tilleman is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever known.  His faith in miracles is absolutely unshakable.  I love him and Sister T so much!  One thing that he said is that when God has promised us miracles, there is no other option than to have a miracle.  So when our families pray for our success, and He has promised us miracles, it is OUR job to MAKE SURE that those prayers come true and that God is not a liar.  Once again… no pressure. =D
Then we had the first ever Sister’s Conference!  All 26 of the Sisters, both young and senior, gathered together on Friday for the entire day!  It was SO powerful!  President and Sister T love us and they absolutely want us to succeed.  It’s been made so clear!  They talked a lot about the divinity of women, and then Sister Tilleman said this about motherhood, (mom this is for you!) “There is NOTHING more God-like than being a mother.  Heavenly Father has us as Spirit children and He has raised us up in the way we need to go, so we chose to come to earth.  Now, it is the role of MOTHERS to act as that steward to continue to raise up those spirits in the way they should go.  That is absolutely the most God-like thing a woman can do.  Raise righteous spirits.”  So thank  you Mom. =D  I love you!
RS Broadcast was AMAZING!!!  I LOVED the analogy of the woman in the pit.  For the men who don’t know what I mean, there was a woman who fell into a deep dark pit and couldn’t get out on her own.  So Christ lowered a ladder.  But then not only did He lower the ladder…. He came down INTO the pit WITH her to help her climb out.  So Christ knows our suffering, and we can’t do it alone.  He has come down into our pit and He is there to help us climb out.  I’m so grateful for my Savior.  I love Him so much.
I love you all!!!  I hope you have a wonderful week!!!  And thank you SO much for the letters!!!  I was bombarded by them this last couple weeks!!!  I LOVE hearing from you all!!!  I promise I’ll write back, just be patient with me. =D  Love you!
Love Sister Arbon

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