Happy Thanksgiving eh!

Mi Familia y Mis Amigos!!!

18 for the boys and 19 for the girls, eh?  Can you say….. SISTER BRONSON?!?!?  Seriously, Cassie, I’m waiting for you to let me know when you get a call.  Haha.
What an amazing thing to hear from our prophet.  The minute he said that, I was ASTOUNDED!  That was a direct revelation given to our beloved prophet from Heavenly Father!  Otherwise, the change would not be made.  I hope you all see the amazzazzing-ness of that.  WE HAVE A PROPHET!!  He talks to God!  Heavenly Father leads and guides  this work.  I testify that Thomas S. Monson is the mouthpiece for our Great Creator!!!  Only he has the power and authority to speak for the whole of God’s Children on the earth.  How amazing of a call!
A couple of things I really liked from conference (there were a lot), were how much missionary work and families were talked about.  Quentin L. Cook’s talks was marvelous!  I love what he said about how we MUST promote spiritual maturity in the home.  It is NO LONGER enough to just faithfully observe the Sabbath and do our duty.  We have to make SURE our families can withstand the hail and the mighty storms of the adversary.  That BEGINS at home.
Another thing I loved was Ann Dibb’s t-shirt idea.  “I’m a Mormon.  I know it, I live it, I LOVE it.”  I hope that none of us will EVER be ashamed to say so!
And how about Russell M. Nelson, eh?  “Ask the missionaries!!!  They can help you!!”  How great!  (Although I hope no one asks me some of those questions… cuz I don’t know the answer.. haha)
But one of my favorite things was something President Uchtdorf said.  “Resolve to be happy, regardless of the circumstances.”  How beautifully put!  We have to RESOLVE to be happy!  It is a choice! In my short 21 years, I have honestly always CHOSEN to be happy.  That in no way says I’ve had it easy.  It TRULY all started with a song.  “Always look on the bright side of life.”  Mom, you said that that song reminded you of Papa, because that’s how he always looked at life, and I decided from then on, that I wanted to be like him.  So I’ve chosen to be happy.  Choose to be happy!  I PROMISE that it makes everything better!
How about Jeffrey R. Holland!!!!  He did it again!  Wow!!  What an amazing talk!  FAVORITE!!!  I hope that when I get home, I will never “go back” to the way I was before.  Oh man.
I just loved every talk!  Boyd K. Packer’s was great!  I love that song, “Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy”, but now after his story, I love it more.
President Monson said something very profound.  He said “The Lord is in the details of our lives.”  How amazing!  Even when the details, to us, seem trivial, the Lord STILL cares!  I want to solemnly testify to that fact.  I have so many things to be worrying about on a mission.  Every soul I come in contact with, in fact!  But despite that, my family is always numero uno.  I pray to Heavenly Father for each of you, often individually.  Dad, I pray for you constantly to have success at work and to be able to support our family.  Heavenly Father IS IN THE DETAILS!!!  I was praying so fervently one night for you, and then 3 days later, I got an email saying you’d gotten a check in the mail!  That was a miracle to me.  It may seem trivial and worldly to some, but Heavenly Father ALWAYS cares.
The last thing that I really loved about conference was all the prayers.  Just knowing that you were (hopefully) all bowing your heads for the exact same prayer that I was, was very powerful to me.  We all prayed at the same time, under the same voice.  LOVE IT!
Okay.  That’s all I have to say about that.
This week was great!  Boss has REALLY helped me improve my teaching skills!  I feel much more knowledgeable in a week than I have my whole mission!
Sadly, she is not doing great health-wise, so please keep her in your prayers.
Today is Canadian Thanksgiving!  Weird!  We’re going to a place called San Josef Bay with a couple families from our branch!  It’s gonna be great! (and cold)
I cut my hair!  It’s chin length now and it tapers up in the back.  MUCH easier to do in the morning!  5 minutes to wash, 15 minutes from wet ’til styled.  Love it!  I’ll grow it out when I get home, but for now, it’s perfect.
So funny story…. This place has MONDO burger sized spiders.  I don’t know what kind they are, but EW they’re yucky.  We found one in our living room on Saturday night.  Boss and I both had a really girly freak out.  Picture “She’s The Man” when the tarantula is in their room…. yeah….we were worse.  Boss is braver than I am though so she killed it. Haha.
It’s amazing all the bald eagles I see on a daily basis!  Crazy!  The wildlife in this area is beautiful!  Every dumpster has a chain over it though, so the bears don’t get to it.  We were tracting and saw one scamperin’ down the road and into someone’s garage, where he proceeded to eat their garbage.  Then last night we were out in Hyde Creek and saw a cougar, needless to say, we jumped back in the car and sped away. Haha.  That particular cougar has been known to attack people, so we “peaced out”.
We almost hit a MASSIVE elk the other day!  It was beautiful!
I’m amazed at this gorgeous place.  It’s really on the rough and rugged side, but oh,  is it pretty!
Orcas live in the bay.  We see their fins and half of their heads from time to time.  There are a lot that supposedly migrate through here, but there’s a resident pod that lives here all the time.  They’re not always in our part of the bay, but we see ’em when they are.  How cool is that?!
Well, I better be headin’ out!  Time for San Jo Bay and a Thanksgiving on a beach with Pb&j sandwiches. Hahahaha!!!  I love you all!!!
Love Sister Arbon

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