Amazing week!

Hello my amazing family and friends!

This was a really awesome week!  We had a lot of really good lessons and I think our investigators are pretty solid.  We had a lesson with a girl named Crystal this week.  She was in our formers list, but she didn’t even really remember meeting with the missionaries.  She was very interested in prophets.  She really liked the idea of a living prophet to guide and direct us.  We had planned on just doing how to begin teaching and a first lesson overview, but it ended up that she was very interested in the Restoration.  So we followed the Spirit and taught her that instead.  It was great, and we have another lesson with her tomorrow!

We also had a REALLY great lesson with our investigator, Barb.  She mentioned last time that she didn’t really remember how Joseph Smith became a prophet, so we looked back at her teaching record and she had only received more of an overview of lesson 1.  So we went and retaught that, using the Restoration dvd.  She REALLY liked it and was connecting with it very well.  The lesson was really good and the Spirit was very strong.  She still has a problem with coming to church.  She’s just afraid that she’ll be rejected like she was at her old church and doesn’t want that to happen.  She said to “keep asking, and the answer might change.”  So we keep asking.  She also said at the end that she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet!  So now we are just trying to help her really gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  She’s read to Alma 60!  She’s cruising through.  Really a great lady.

We also got 3 new investigators this week.  Nicole, and Lucy.  Nicole is the mom, and Lucy is the 10 year old daughter.  And also Nicole’s sister in law, Amanda.  We found Nicole through tracting and she was very interested in what we believe.  She invited us to come back, more for a learning experience for her daughters, but when we came back, she had her sister in law there as well, and we taught the Plan of Salvation.  It was a GREAT lesson!  Nicole and Amanda both said that everything just “rang true” to them.  SOOO wonderful!  We are going to try to meet again on Thursday, but it may fall through because she’s in Vancouver this week and was hoping to get back to Port McNeill by then, but if not, she wants us to call her and set up something next week.

Our investigator Betty Lou came to church yesterday!  We talked to Sister Wedel (lady we went to San Jo with), and she said that she came, stayed for the whole thing, and then hung out for 2 hours with the members afterwards just talking to them about the church, and about her life!  Such a miracle!  Her baptismal date is set for November 10, and we really think she can make it if she does her part.  She really wants to know the truth.  Right now we’re kind of worried that she’s reading non scriptural material that talks about Jesus as a little boy… I think it’s mostly false information but she’s taking it as scripture.  So we are just really telling her about our standard works and teaching from them.  She’s coming along though.

We had a lesson with a lady named Susan. Sister McCrae’s (Vicki’s friend who got baptized and lives in Port McNeill) friend.  We taught the Plan of Salvation, and it was a GREAT lesson!  Sister McCrae told us afterwards that she overheard Susan talking about the lesson to the janitors the next day at work, so it really left an impact.  It was probably one of my better lessons that I’ve taught.  I was really able to follow the Spirit and it was great!  I just need to always remember to trust the Spirit over my own knowledge.  REALLY awesome lesson.

Okay, so that’s all the housekeeping about the investigators.  This week, we’re doing exchanges with the sisters in Campbell River and the sisters in Courtenay.  I’m taking over Port McNeill, and Sister Nuttall from Courtenay is coming up with me.  We are currently still in Courtenay, and we’re gonna have an awesome p-day! We have 6 lessons crammed into 2 days.  It’s going to be great!!!

On our way to Courtenay the other night, we stopped in Campbell River for dinner.  And after dinner we stopped by the Bordeleau’s just so I could say a proper goodbye to them.  I love them so much!!!!  SOOO much.  Seriously.  Sister Bordeleau is amazing.  And Marcel was good natured as usual.  But then we said a prayer with them and he just started to cry,  He can’t deny the Spirit any more and he is SOO sick all the time, and everything just compounded and he broke down and cried.  Said how much he loves me and thinks of me as a granddaughter.  I love those 2 sooo much.  So so much.  I was talking to Sister Bordeleau about his cancer, and she said that doc’s have given him “months, but not years.”  So we’ll see…. Pray for their peace.  And pray that Marcel will continue to feel the Spirit.  Who knows, maybe he’ll get baptized before he passes.  That would be amazing.  If not, Sister B is planning to get his work done asap.  Oh man, I love them.  I can’t even express how much.

So funny story about this week…. I woke up with a TON of red bumps all over my arms and legs and neck.  I had NO clue where they came from.  They looked like bug bites.  So I asked Boss is she had any and she did too.  She’d been sleeping on a 40 year old army cot, and I was on a 10 year old mattress on the floor.  So we started looking at the beds…. and lo and behold, we had bed bugs.  GROSS!!!  Sooo gross.  We called the office, and they said get rid of both things.  We then went and bought 2 new mattresses, box springs, frames, new sheets, pillows, comforters… the whole shebang.  And we washed ALL our clothes, and we baked our own blankets from home (my quilt) at the laundromat.  It was quite an adventure.  So yucky.  BUT!!!  It REALLY makes me appreciate the people who pay their tithing and donate to the mission fund.  Because 1500 dollars later, we both have new beds.

We are so blessed to have a church that is so financially sound!  Honestly, it’s such a blessing.  2 missionaries with bed bugs can just go out and buy new beds.  It was a miracle.

This week I was thinking a lot about Pres Eyrings talk.  It made me think of an umbrella….  So let’s say God’s blessings are the rain, and we use our little umbrella (or pavilion) to block the rain.  It’s never God hiding from us, it’s us hiding from Him.  So if we just take that umbrella and flip it upside down, we can catch all the blessings He has for us!  So awesome!

Well everyone, I love you all!  You are wonderful.  Thank you for your love and support!

And mom, can you add aaron.wahlquist@gmail to the email list?  thanks!!!!!!!  Love you!!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!!  Pray for me, because I’m praying for you!!!!  Miracles are happening!!!

Love always, Sister Arbon

Pic is of my amazing comp. Boss. LOVE  HER!!!


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