Another Week : )

All bundled up!

Hello all!

It’s transfers this week!!!! Can you believe it? I can’t! We’ll find out around 6 o’clock if either of us are being transferred and you’ll find out next week! Crazy!

This week was actually a tough one for me. Very emotional week. We had a couple of REALLY lousy lessons. The worst part was that it was my fault. Hence, why the week was no bueno. BUT!!!! We had THREE investigators at church, and one of them brought her little kids! We’re going to get a family!!! Hooray! Her name is Susan. She’s amazing. And her kids are Branden and Liron. So cute. The others were Betty Lou, and a man named Stan (he’s kind of an eternal investigator…. won’t commit but comes each week.)

We are REALLY frustrated with Barb this week. She is progressing SOO fast!!! And she asked her husband if he would let her be baptized!! BUT!!!!! She WON’T come to church!!! We had a fast for her yesterday and she still didn’t come. So…. I had an impression to stop by her house last night. We dropped by and let her know how saddened we were. I think that really hit her hard and that she’ll be there next week. We’ll see. We have faith!!!

This week is short once again…. I’d say I’m sorry, but my reasoning outweighs the guilt. =] Right Mom? 😉

One shout out this week…. Zach Nichol!!!! I swear if you don’t write me back I’m going to hit you! Do I have the wrong address? I mean it! I’ll hit you! So write back to me!

Well, I gotta run, but I am praying for our beautiful country this week!!! God Bless the USA!!!!

I love you all!!!!

OH! Lisa and Jo Jo, I have letters to send you, but don’t have your addresses. Send please? Love you!

Have a great week everyone!!!!

Sister Arbon

PS. Pics:
One is me all bundled up when we go tracting. (so cold!!!!!! so so cold)
The other is a Stellar Blue Jay that lives in our backyard. I thought Grandpa Bill would like it =]
The last is our view from our backyard!!! Gorgeous eh?


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