The wind never did cease

Hello Amazing Family and Friends!

This was a really great week for Port McNeill!  We had a very successful week!  It was a miracle!

We had a really great lesson with Barb on Thursday, we re-taught her lesson 2, and she told us she’d been living the Word of Wisdom for almost 2 weeks!  We were so excited for her!  We also taught her on Friday about the Book of Mormon.  She has finished it, and so we’ve restarted it with her, and are going to talk about what we’ve read every Friday.  She’s said that she has been getting a lot more out of it the second time around, which is awesome because she was very hesitant to restart it because “she never reads a book twice.”  She’s greatly enjoying it though!  Our lesson on Friday was very good.  Sister Neilson came with us, and was really great with Barb.  She helped her to see the blessings that come from keeping the commandments, and she was an absolute awesome person to take with us.  Barb was very emotional at the end.  She knows that it’s true.  We were able to set a date with her, for December 16th.  However, she did not come to church.  We are having a very hard time discerning what’s keeping her from coming.  We just are very unsure.

We had a fantastic zone meeting this week!  The Zone Leaders are great.  They did a great job with talking about how we can hasten the work by slowing down and truly loving all the people we come in contact with.

We had a lesson with Mandy this week, and our plan was actually to see where she was at and then we were probably going to put her in the reflecting pool, but when we asked if she would be baptized, she said yes and that she wanted her kids baptized too!  So her 9 year old daughter Jamie and her have a date of December 14th.  Phoenix, her son, is only 7 and won’t be 8 until next year.  We still have a lot to help her with before she can be ready for baptism, but she came to church yesterday and we really feel that she can make it.

We also taught Susan this week.  She is awesome!  We taught her Lesson 3, and invited her to be baptized.  She said “Maybe.”  It was a very solid maybe, because she then asked if Brandon, her 11 year old son, and Liron, her 7 year old daughter, could be baptized as well.  We were originally thinking of November 30th for her, but she said that Liron turns 8 on December 12th, and she would love to get baptized as a family.  So we’re going to probably push it to December for that.  It’s still not counted as a date, but we think this week, with the Lord’s help, we can get it! Yesterday was her 3rd time at church.  We taught about the Power of the Holy Ghost and the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and how they differ. I LOOOOVE these people.
So we’re potentially looking at 7 baptisms in the month of December.  =]  Prayers would be amazing!!!
It’s been raining non stop here!!!  It really is fun, but also hard because we have to go tracting in it.  Haha!  It is SOOOO cold here.  SO cold. But we bundle up, in our 6 layers, (not joking), and go spread the GOOD NEWS!!!  There’s nothing better!
We saw a really neat fireside last night with a famous violinist, named Lindsey Stirling.  You should all look her up, she’s wonderful.  But she gave a really awesome thought in her talk, from the book of Ether.  She was talking about how scary it must have been for these people for the “tempests and furious winds” that were blowing them.  And then there many times when “they were buried in the depths of the sea, because of the mountain waves which broke upon them.”  So sometimes in our lives we have all these hard things, CRAZY trials we don’t know how to face, but she went on to quote Ether again… “And it came to pass that the wind did never cease to blow towards the promised land.”  (all reference from Ether 6:6-8).  So no matter what trials we go through, the wind will always blow us to the promised land.  Or in other words, God always knows what He’s doing.  He knows where He wants to go, and what we’re to be learning.  I really liked that and wanted to share it with you all. =]
I just love being a missionary.  There are days when I feel like I really would rather be doing something else, but then I stop and re-evaluate and think how blessed I am.  I’m so blessed to be able to share with my brothers and sisters this wonderful gospel which brings so much joy and happiness into my life, and having the knowledge that it WILL bless theirs as well.  It’s just amazing.  And all the success we’ve had this week, is an absolute miracle.  It’s been hard for us to not get prideful, but we recognize it and are trying very very hard to remain humble servants.  Because ultimately, we know that without the help of the Lord, we would not be having this success.  It’s not us, it’s the Spirit who is touching the hearts of these amazing people.

With much love,
Sister Arbon


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