Another Week In Canada, Eh?!

Sushi anyone?

First of all, yes….”Eh” is said ALL the time!  I have started saying it.  All the time.  It’s really kind of sad. hahaha.

So!  This was a week of miracles!!  Our friend Barb FINALLY came to church!!!  She has a date for December 12th, and come Hell or high water, she will be making it!!!  =D  She’s such an amazing person.  She also had her very first Priesthood blessing, from the Elders Quorum President, Brother Nielson.  He’s awesome.  It was a very VERY sacred experience so I won’t share too much, but it was very good for her.  Exactly what she needed.  I’m amazed all the time at the power in the Priesthood!  Such a blessing we have to have it restored!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had a GREAT one!  No one remembered it was our Thanksgiving except for a non-member family named the McQueens.  They aren’t investigators.  They’re (he) is actually the leader of the deacon board and his family of the local Pentecostal church.  Haha.  They LOVE us though, and so this is the 3rd time they’ve had us over for dinner!  It was so great!  Wonderful people with INCREDIBLE faith in Jesus Christ.  Really neat how that works sometimes, some of the greatest people are not even of our faith.  (Cathee and Cristee for example. ♥ )  I’ll add a couple pictures.  Oh, and just so we’re clear, the things in the martini glasses, are virgin strawberry daiquiris.   They don’t even drink so it was all in good righteous fun. =]
We have a Korean member here named Jacob Jung.  He owns and runs the local hotel and sushi restaurant.  He is a STUD!!  He puts Book of Mormons in all the rooms and invites everyone to church!  He gave us a referral the other day, a guy named Stephen who is the head chef in the sushi restaurant.  So…. he had us go eat for free at the restaurant….  I ate things that I would never eat if it wasn’t to contact a referral. hahahaha.  I had tempura California roll, which was really good.  Then….. a roll with flying fish eggs…. yeah…. (this is a REAL Sushi place.  None of the fake stuff.. and it’s all fresh.)  Then…. Stephen found out that I hadn’t really had real stuff before………. so he sliced a slab of raw salmon, and raw tuna, put them on a ball of rice, and made me eat them.  Pictures will be attached. =]
Missionary work is the greatest work a person can do!  I urge all of you to start today, right this minute, to think of those that you can bring into the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!!  I love you all!!!  You’re wonderful!!!!
Love Sister ArbonP.S. Oh, other funny thing, I’ve started being like danny….. I can now imitate the GA’s. hahahahahahahaha!!!  Seriously.  It’s a game we play in the car. “who am I?”  and it’s so fun. ha. thought you’d like that. =]

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