What Am I Eating?!

Hello everyone!!!
This was such an awesome week!!!  So many cool things happened!  I am short on time today, because we are going to the beach!!!  Something you would only do in Canada…. in December… hahaha (or possibly California I guess). We’re going to a place called Sasquatch beach, for Sister Boss’s last p-day in the field!!!  I’m very sad she’s leaving, but such is life.
So!  Barb is getting baptized on Wednesday!!!!!!!  SO exciting!!!  She’s amazing and I’ll be sending pictures next week for sure!!  She was in Whistler this whole week so we didn’t have a lesson with her, but she came to church yesterday (in her brand new church clothes) and she brought her husband Chris to our branch Christmas dinner!!!!  So wonderful!!!  President Tilleman is coming up to the North Island to baptize her. =]  We’re honored!
We have an awesome Korean family in our branch, named the Jungs.  They own the only sushi joint in town, and also the hotel that it’s attached to.  Every time we go to visit them, Jacob tells us to go eat.  So we do.  And ladies and gentlemen, this week….. was cuhrazy.  I just ordered a crunch roll, which is crab, avacado, rice, and crunchy tempura.  But Stephen, who was a referral once, is the sushi chef.  He loves us.  So he makes us free samples of all the different things…. and this week, he gave us 2 things.  I asked “What is it?” (it looked NASTY!!!)  and he said “Eat it, and then I’ll tell you.”  So……. I did.  Can’t be rude as a missionary. haha.  And it was…. eel.  Yes.  Eeeeeeeel.  And the other one was baby scallops.  Both were not horrible.  The eel was actually better.  The scallops were like little bubbles that popped in my mouth.  Yuck. haha!  Soooo,  that was fun, hahaha.
Then we were driving down to Campbell River this week and we told one of our members, Karla, that we’d stop and gather pine cones for a project she’s doing with the scouts.  We stopped at a place called Hoomac Lake.  And let me tell you… In my 21 years of life, I have NEVER before seen a more beautiful place.  It had just snowed.  You walk down this little path to a trail by the water, and it’s got the snow covered mountains and pine trees on the other side, and they were reflecting in the water… oh my goodness.  Just beautiful.  It was a little foggy, and gray, and just…. gorgeous.  Absolutely gorgeous!  There may be pictures on google.  Idk.  But wow.  It was like something out of the Chronicles of Narnia… haha.  Or as Boss said “I feel like I’m in a black and white movie!”  So pretty!
I’m singing with Hyrum at Barb’s baptism and then also with Sister Neilson!  It’s going to be so great!  I love sharing my talent with others to help bring the Spirit!  I must say though… I DO miss singing regular songs. hahahaha
Well everyone, I love you all!!  Thank you for your continued support!!! Keep being awesome!!!  Oh!!  I’m not being transferred, so you may resume sending letters and stuff. 
Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!
Love Sister ArbonImage

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