I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas! Truly!!

I really am!!!  You know why?  Because we set baptismal dates with Susan and her 2 kids this week!!!  So it’s going to be a white January!!!  The date is January 26th, so please keep them in your prayers!!!  We still also have a date with Betty Lou for February, and we set a date with a gentleman in Sayward (which is in the Campbell River area) named Ray!  So we have 5 dates at the moment!  We are so blessed!!

This week has been really amazing.  I have grown so close to both of my companions!!  It’s a definite miracle!  I loooove Sister Vallejo and also Sister Brown.  It’s truly amazing how we grow and progress as missionaries.  I was REALLY afraid to go back with my trainer.  I was worried that I would revert back to the useless “new missionary” and that we’d argue and it’d be awful.  Yeah….. I was wrong.  I didn’t realize how much I had grown in the last 12 weeks with Wendy (Sister Bosshardt).  But I really have learned so much!  Sister Vallejo has as well!  It’s incredible to see how we’ve both changed and are completely different missionaries than we were 12 weeks ago!  But if you all could keep Sister Vallejo in your prayers that would be wonderful.  She has a really hard time loving herself and she compares herself to other missionaries.  It’s really sad to see her do that because SHE is a great missionary!  She just doesn’t believe it.  So please send a few prayers her way!

We are in Campbell River for Christmas and then we’ll be in McNeill for New Years!  We are having dinner and family night with the Macara-Taylor family and then Christmas dinner with the Knowles family tomorrow!  We are not going to knock on doors tomorrow, because that would make a lot of people mad, but we’re going to try to see part member families and stuff!  It’s going to be amazing!  I’m super excited to be sharing the most amazing message in the entire world with all the people here!  I pray that at this most amazing time of year, you all feel our Savior’s love and influence in your lives!  He truly is the reason for the season!  Something was said yesterday in Sacrament Meeting by a guy named Bill Poustie.  He said that people feel the Christmas Spirit during Christmas…. but what he said afterwards had never occurred to me before.  The Christmas Spirit is the Holy Ghost, testifying of the Savior and urging people to follow Him.  I pray that you all follow Him this year and always!  I love you all!

Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Love Sister Arbon


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