Notes from an email to mom….just in addition.

Just a few lines from my email from Mandy this week, so you can get an idea how she is, where she is etc.

Oh, yeah I got my hair  trimmed again.   It’s weird, because there is only a little bit of blonde left.  Right at the tips.  So it’s funny looking at the moment, hahaha.  I look like a leopard.  But in a month or so, I can trim them off and I’ll be au naturale!  I’ve never had my hair 100% natural since I was a kid… it’s weird. I really like it though.  the cut, the color, I was gonna grow it out before I get home, but I may leave it.I like it.

I brought my camera, but I don’t have time to attach pics. (it takes FOREVER… )  😦  But I’ll be sending the memory card today.  We take a LOT of pics.  Sister Terry is our next door neightbor, President Terry’s wife. We live in a town home. 3 bedroom, 2 bath.  We sleep in the same room, and keep our belongings in the other rooms. It is nice!  I’ll do a tour before I send the card today. =]

I will be here in Port McNeill at least until the 30th.  If I get transferred on the 30th I will leave then.  (pray that I don’t…  I don’t want to)

the tights are AWESOME.  I love them.

It sounds like you had an awesome new years!  I’m glad. =]  We were…. asleep by 11. hahaha.  Boring old us.  But we bought some martinellis and had a toast before we went to sleep. haha

Susan’s baptism date is the 26th.  Barb, who was recently baptized is amazing.  Our tri is HILARIOUS!!!  We have so much fun together.  SO much fun.  We are singing at zone meeting tomorrow.  I need thee every hour.  Gonna be awesome.  Maybe we’ll sing it for the camera before I send the card!

I rap hymns a lot… how firm a foundation is rapped a LOT! =]


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