“O, ye fair ones!”

Hello Amigos!!!

This was a really rough week for me, both physically and spiritually.

I was having really awful dizzy spells for most of the week.  I didn’t know what the problem was, and so I tried to just work through it, but I couldn’t even walk after awhile.  I was SO dizzy!  So I talked to Sister Tilleman and she had me go see a doctor, and I had what he called “vestibular neuronitis.”  He gave me a prescription which I’ve been taking, and I’m almost better.  It was really hard though, because I felt VERY useless, and I didn’t like that.  At all.  I wanted to go out and work, but Sister Tilleman lovingly reminded me that just one fall…. could result in a spinal cord injury.  (That’s the story of President Tilleman, for those who don’t know…)  Needless to say, as soon as she brought that up, I couldn’t argue.  I’m so grateful to the WONDERFUL Port McNeill branch members, the Neilsons and the Terrys, who watched over me while Sister Brown and Sister Vallejo were out working. 

Spiritually speaking, this was a hard couple days.  We had to put Betty Lou in the reflecting pool.  It was a VERY difficult thing for me to do.  I love her SO much, and she’s progressed so far, but she just won’t read the Book of Mormon with enough diligence to help her continue progressing.  She hasn’t come to church in about a month, and there was just nothing we could do more for her right now, so we called and her let her know that we can’t meet as often anymore.  I just cried.  It’s so hard.  Sooo hard.  I was reading in the Book of Mormon today, in Mormon actually, when EVERYONE died.  Mormon just cries out “O, ye fair ones!”  and then laments their wickedness and their death.  That really spoke to me this morning and I just cried.  That’s how I feel about Betty Lou.  Just so hard.  So so hard.

Susan has postponed their dates for right now.  She’s just very overwhelmed with work and things right now.  She still WANTS to be baptized, she just isn’t ready for it yet.  We’re trying to help her though.  She really is wonderful.  It’s a matter of time, honestly.  We love her so much!!!  Her kids are adorable as well.

I LOVE my companions.  With all my heart.  They are both so wonderful.  I love the good time that we have together.  It really is awesome.  Missionary work is amazing, period, but when you have 2 amazing companions to do it with, it just makes it even better.  I’m loving every second of being with Sister Brown and Sister Vallejo.

So I was listening to general conference on cd (best investment I’ve ever made) and I looved L. Tom Perry’s talk.  I just want to let EVERYONE who gets this email know, that my Mother is THE greatest ever.  I’m so incredibly grateful for her and the wonderful example she is, and always has been, to me.  She’s amazing. 

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!  And stay warm!!!!  I’ve heard it’s cold there.  I’m freezing with ya’ll in spirit. =]

OH!!!!!!  AND!!!!!  Congrats to my most AMAZING MTC elders on all their success.  I always love it when I see your names in President’s emails talking about your baptisms.  I’m so proud of you all.  You’re all just the greatest ever!!!!!!  I can’t wait until we can serve in the same zone or district one of these days.  That’ll be fun.  Elder Day and Elder Brown, you rock too!  And Sister Stones, Pyle and Mansfield, you are GORGEOUS and I LOVE you!!! 


Sister Arbon


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