Be Perfectly Committed

Hello everyone!!
This week we had a really awesome zone conference with President Tilleman.  He is such an inspired man. 
He said something that really struck me.  He said “You don’t have to be perfect.  You just have to be perfectly committed.”
Ever since then, I have been pondering a lot about what it means to be perfectly committed.  I’ll share with you all, the things I’ve come up with.
I started by asking myself a few different questions.
Who am I committed to?
I am committed to my Savior, my family, my companion, my mission president, and my friends (investigators).
Why am I committed to them?
I want to honor my family and my Savior, and bring others to Christ.
What am I committed to?
I am committed to the work of Salvation.  I am committed to not letting my family or Savior down.  I am committed to making each companionship I’m in a unified, successful, loving, obedient one.  I am committed to finding the souls that are seeking.  I’m committed to strengthening those around me.
HOW can I be more perfectly committed?
In order to be more committed, I think I need to focus most fully on the Savior and bringing souls unto Him, and giving Him the honor.  I need to make Him my number one in all I do.  It is HE who blesses me with His divine help and guidance out here, and I need to focus my attention more fully towards Him and all He has done for me.
So the conclusion I came to was this.  I don’t have to perfect, BECAUSE I am committed to Someone who IS perfect, and He will consecrate my efforts.

My week was pretty good.  I had a really terrible migraine for 3 days and so I actually was sitting on a member’s couch for 2 of those days.  As per Sister Tilleman’s orders.  I have not been sleeping good so it’s been a really rough thing on my already recurring headaches.  She’s making me go to a doctor again this week to talk about my migraines and see if there is something I could be prescribed that would help, because no over the counter stuff is working anymore.  But I’m good!  I’m happy and mostly healthy! =]

Transfers are next week. I am in Port McNeill for the last two weeks of this transfer, so I am happy about that! I love it here! Don’t send any mail later this week, I may or may not get it.  I hope to still be here in Port McNeill. I love it. Logic dictates that I will stay, but logic also dictated that I would be with Vallejo for my first 12 weeks, so who knows.  There are 15 sisters in the mission right now. Two are going home next week, and four new are coming. Then next transfer, 11 new sisters!

Well, I hope you all have had a great week, and look for the miracles in every single day!!!

I love you all!
Love Sister ArbonImage

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