Share Your Testimony

Hey all!
This week I have thought a lot about testimony and how we as missionaries and members NEED to share our testimonies with others.  A testimony is something that we know or believe to be true.  I have a testimony that the Book of Mormon IS the word of God.  I KNOW this.  This is a testimony.  I know that God has a plan for our families and that this life is the time for us to learn and grow so we can make it back to Him.  Bearing testimony is the quickest way to bring the Spirit to any lesson, door approach, etc.  We need “teach while we testify, and testify while we teach.”  I was wondering WHY that’s the case.  Then during my personal study I read a talk from Jeffrey R. Holland.  I just want to quote a little bit of it here. 
“There are several reasons for bearing testimony. One is that when you declare the truth, it will bring an echo, a memory, even if it is an unconscious memory to the investigator, that they have heard this truth before—and of course they have. A missionary’s testimony invokes a great legacy of testimony dating back to the councils in heaven before this world was. There, in an earlier place, these same people heard this same plan outlined and heard there the role that Jesus Christ would play in their salvation.
So the fact of the matter is investigators are not only hearing our testimony of Christ, but they are hearing echoes of other, earlier testimonies, including their own testimony of Him, for they were on the side of the faithful who kept their first estate and earned the privilege of a second estate. We must always remember that these investigators, every man, woman, and child, were among the valiant who once overcame Satan by the power of their testimony of Christ! So when they hear others bear that witness of Christ’s saving mission, it has a familiar feeling; it brings an echo of truth they themselves already know.”
My mind was BLOWN by that.  It all makes sense to me now.  We ALL knew this before this life.  We all did.  We all chose to come here, knowing fully well that we might fall.  But we wanted it bad enough to come here.  When we bear our testimonies, our testimony helps others to REMEMBER the testimony that they have inside of them from before this life.

That being said, I want to bear my solemn testimony to you all today.  I KNOW that Jesus is The Christ, the Savior of the world, the Shepherd of our souls. I know that our garments can be washed white only in the blood of the Lamb. I bear witness that He was wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities. I know that we are lifted up unto life because He was lifted up unto death, that He bore our griefs and carried our sorrows, and with His stripes we are healed.

I pray that you will all have the opportunity to bear your own testimony to someone this week

I love you all so much!

 Love always,

Sister Arbon


Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone!
So, I don’t have a whole lot of time today, because I had to write a long email to President Tilleman, but I just wanted to give a nice little update.  Along with a fun little story….. =]
Christmas was AMAZING!  I absolutely loved talking to my family!  It was just the greatest Christmas present EVER!  I loved it!  They are wonderful and I’m so thankful for all of them and their love and support!
A lady in the Campbell River area gave us the greatest Christmas Eve any missionary could ever ask for!  We were at dinner and Sister Vallejo was like… “This jello salad is a lot like the one my mom makes….”  and Sister Macara said, “That’s because it IS the one your mom makes!”  She had emailed all 3 of our mums and gotten Christmas recipes and our family traditions and she did them all for us!!!  It was the GREATEST thing ever!!!!  I love members who understand what it’s like to be away from family! Her son is serving in the Utah North Mission. =]
So the funny story…. On Saturday, Sister Brown and I both woke up with the stomach flu.  It was…. not fun.  At all.  We had gotten a call from Elder Boehmer in the office telling us there was a recall on a part for our car and we needed to get it fixed.  But we were sick, and so I had to suck it up and go with Sister Valley Joe to the car place while Sister Brown crashed on Sister Macara’s couch, and THEN the car lounge wasn’t open yet, so we were walking around the seawalk waiting for the car to be done…… in the park right by the marina…. and lo and behold, I had to throw up.  There was nothing I could do, but run behind one of the pillars of the Big House (Native thing in the park) and throw up on the lawn.  Yeah….. low point of my life.  =]  funny though.  Will go down in history!  I felt like a drunk hobo or something.  Throwing up in the park…. yeah.
Anywaaaaay, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!!! Be safe!!!!  Make great choices!!!!  I love you all!!!!
Love Sister Arbon!

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas! Truly!!

I really am!!!  You know why?  Because we set baptismal dates with Susan and her 2 kids this week!!!  So it’s going to be a white January!!!  The date is January 26th, so please keep them in your prayers!!!  We still also have a date with Betty Lou for February, and we set a date with a gentleman in Sayward (which is in the Campbell River area) named Ray!  So we have 5 dates at the moment!  We are so blessed!!

This week has been really amazing.  I have grown so close to both of my companions!!  It’s a definite miracle!  I loooove Sister Vallejo and also Sister Brown.  It’s truly amazing how we grow and progress as missionaries.  I was REALLY afraid to go back with my trainer.  I was worried that I would revert back to the useless “new missionary” and that we’d argue and it’d be awful.  Yeah….. I was wrong.  I didn’t realize how much I had grown in the last 12 weeks with Wendy (Sister Bosshardt).  But I really have learned so much!  Sister Vallejo has as well!  It’s incredible to see how we’ve both changed and are completely different missionaries than we were 12 weeks ago!  But if you all could keep Sister Vallejo in your prayers that would be wonderful.  She has a really hard time loving herself and she compares herself to other missionaries.  It’s really sad to see her do that because SHE is a great missionary!  She just doesn’t believe it.  So please send a few prayers her way!

We are in Campbell River for Christmas and then we’ll be in McNeill for New Years!  We are having dinner and family night with the Macara-Taylor family and then Christmas dinner with the Knowles family tomorrow!  We are not going to knock on doors tomorrow, because that would make a lot of people mad, but we’re going to try to see part member families and stuff!  It’s going to be amazing!  I’m super excited to be sharing the most amazing message in the entire world with all the people here!  I pray that at this most amazing time of year, you all feel our Savior’s love and influence in your lives!  He truly is the reason for the season!  Something was said yesterday in Sacrament Meeting by a guy named Bill Poustie.  He said that people feel the Christmas Spirit during Christmas…. but what he said afterwards had never occurred to me before.  The Christmas Spirit is the Holy Ghost, testifying of the Savior and urging people to follow Him.  I pray that you all follow Him this year and always!  I love you all!

Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Love Sister Arbon

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!


Hello everyone!!!  This was probably the greatest week and the worst week on the mission so far! 
My dear dear friend Sister Barb Bonnell was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church!!!  What an amazing experience being able to watch someone I love so much enter into the covenant of baptism!  Yes…. I may have cried. 
And her confirmation was phenomenal!  Brother Neilson is so in tune with the Spirit!  He said exactly what she needed to hear.  So wonderful!!  I love the gospel and the opportunity to share it with others and see the changes it can bring to people’s lives!!!
On a sad note, my amazing companion and mentor and friend went home. It’s sad that missions really do come to an end!  Sister Bosshardt is HOME!  So sad. Saying bye to her was very hard.  BUT!!!  I am back with my trainer, Sister Vallejo, and her newer greenie, Sister Brown!  We are covering both the Port McNeill and the Campbell River areas!  We are based in Port McNeill and will be here for 2 weeks, then in Campbell for a week, and then back here for 2 and then we will go back to normal.  So far, the tri has been awesome!  I’m LOVING it!!!!!  Honestly, so good.  It’s really cool to be back with Sister Vallejo!  I really am enjoying it a lot!  I was very worried, I’ll admit, that I would revert back to the useless new missionary that I was with her.  But that’s not the case!  We are able to work well as a tri and be very unified so far!  President Tilleman said he wants us to be like the 3 Nephites.  =]  I see that happening already!  It’s really going to be so good!
On an even sadder note….. My very sweet wonderful friend from Campbell River, Marcel Bordeleau, passed away from lung cancer last Sunday.  I was very very VERY sad when I found out.  Cried all night long.  He was such a wonderful man.  But now he’s out of pain, and I know he’ll open his heart and learn the gospel that made us and his wife so happy!  And in a year, she will be able to do his work and be sealed forever. 
I was studying this morning and found a really cool couple of insights!  I was reading in Alma 48, which I normally don’t get a lot out of.  But today I did!  It was amazing!  So I was reading in v. 9.  It says
“And in their weakest fortifications he did place the greater number of men; and thus he did fortify and strengthen the land which was possessed by the Nephites.”  
This is talking about Captain Moroni and the Nephites, vs Amalickiah and the Lamanites.   Captain Moroni is really an awesome leader, (as it illustrates in verses 11-13)  and he knows that there are some spots in the Nephites defense that need a little extra help. 
I was thinking of that in 2 different ways.  One, in our lives, we all have different chinks in our own armor.  We have weaknesses that Satan is fully aware of.  So we have to constantly be adding extra fortifications to those areas where we need extra help.  And secondly, we may know someone in our lives who is one of the weaker ones.  It is our job to help them to fortify themselves and be strengthened through Jesus Christ. 
I loved this insight!  The war chapters are always hard for me to get through, but this one was really good today. 
Well everyone, I love you and hope you all have a wonderful week!  Drive safe, be loving, and let your Light Shine!!!
Love Sister ArbonImage

What Am I Eating?!

Hello everyone!!!
This was such an awesome week!!!  So many cool things happened!  I am short on time today, because we are going to the beach!!!  Something you would only do in Canada…. in December… hahaha (or possibly California I guess). We’re going to a place called Sasquatch beach, for Sister Boss’s last p-day in the field!!!  I’m very sad she’s leaving, but such is life.
So!  Barb is getting baptized on Wednesday!!!!!!!  SO exciting!!!  She’s amazing and I’ll be sending pictures next week for sure!!  She was in Whistler this whole week so we didn’t have a lesson with her, but she came to church yesterday (in her brand new church clothes) and she brought her husband Chris to our branch Christmas dinner!!!!  So wonderful!!!  President Tilleman is coming up to the North Island to baptize her. =]  We’re honored!
We have an awesome Korean family in our branch, named the Jungs.  They own the only sushi joint in town, and also the hotel that it’s attached to.  Every time we go to visit them, Jacob tells us to go eat.  So we do.  And ladies and gentlemen, this week….. was cuhrazy.  I just ordered a crunch roll, which is crab, avacado, rice, and crunchy tempura.  But Stephen, who was a referral once, is the sushi chef.  He loves us.  So he makes us free samples of all the different things…. and this week, he gave us 2 things.  I asked “What is it?” (it looked NASTY!!!)  and he said “Eat it, and then I’ll tell you.”  So……. I did.  Can’t be rude as a missionary. haha.  And it was…. eel.  Yes.  Eeeeeeeel.  And the other one was baby scallops.  Both were not horrible.  The eel was actually better.  The scallops were like little bubbles that popped in my mouth.  Yuck. haha!  Soooo,  that was fun, hahaha.
Then we were driving down to Campbell River this week and we told one of our members, Karla, that we’d stop and gather pine cones for a project she’s doing with the scouts.  We stopped at a place called Hoomac Lake.  And let me tell you… In my 21 years of life, I have NEVER before seen a more beautiful place.  It had just snowed.  You walk down this little path to a trail by the water, and it’s got the snow covered mountains and pine trees on the other side, and they were reflecting in the water… oh my goodness.  Just beautiful.  It was a little foggy, and gray, and just…. gorgeous.  Absolutely gorgeous!  There may be pictures on google.  Idk.  But wow.  It was like something out of the Chronicles of Narnia… haha.  Or as Boss said “I feel like I’m in a black and white movie!”  So pretty!
I’m singing with Hyrum at Barb’s baptism and then also with Sister Neilson!  It’s going to be so great!  I love sharing my talent with others to help bring the Spirit!  I must say though… I DO miss singing regular songs. hahahaha
Well everyone, I love you all!!  Thank you for your continued support!!! Keep being awesome!!!  Oh!!  I’m not being transferred, so you may resume sending letters and stuff. 
Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!
Love Sister ArbonImage

You can count the number of seeds in an apple

Hello to my wonderful family and friends!!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful week!  I sure did!!  We have seen so much success here over the last couple of weeks!!!  God’s hand is in this work.  It is absolutely amazing!  I’m so thankful for the blessing of being able to share this wonderful good news with everyone I meet!!!

So something that Boss says really hit me this week.  “You can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the number of apples in a seed.”
How true that is!!!  Every apple has a set number of seeds, but one seed could bring forth a tree that bears much fruit!!!  And it is the same in missionary work!  We never know whose lives we are touching.  Boss has been in Port McNeill for a year.  Literally.  She was transferred for 6 months, sent home for one to get better, and then cam back to Port McNeill.  In mission terms, she was born here and she’s going to die here.  She knows everyone there is to know in this town.  There are days when we both, (but especially her) look around and wonder what good we are doing.  But at the end of the day, even just a smile can change someone’s life.  We NEVER know how many seeds we are planting, and how many of those seeds are becoming blossoming trees with tons of fruit!!  I would urge each of you this week, and this whole Christmas season, to share the Light that you have!!!  Share your testimony with anyone you can!  Even if that’s just a smile, it shows that you love that person, because you know that THEY are children of God just like you!
Boss is going home very shortly.  Her release date is December 15th!  She’s arriving in Salt Lake at 4:00 pm (ya’ll should go meet her.  She rocks.)  I’m really going to miss her!!! She has less than 10 days in PM left!  She then goes to Vancouver to go to the temple with President and then she goes home!   I love her!!!  Wendy Bosshardt is my soul sista. fo eva!  With that being said, I don’t know what is going to be happening to me or to the area.  We aren’t getting new sisters this transfer, so I’ll probably be getting moved or put in a tri (3 sisters).  So don’t send me letters or stuff this week, until I know what’s going to happen.  I won’t get them for awhile if I get moved.  I’ll keep you all posted though.
I sang in church yesterday!!  Hyrum Neilson and I sang Come Thou Fount.  And… it rivaled the first time Jo Jo and I sang it.  Hyrum had NEVER sang in public before, but Cori, his mom, has an amazing voice, and I knew he did too, so I asked if he’d sing with me!  It was AMAZING!  He did so good!  I was so proud!!!  The Spirit was so strong.  I was so proud of him!!!!!  We all adore him.  “We think he’s a righteous dude.”  (anyone?  anyone?  Bueller?) It was a really neat experience, and we’re singing it again when Barb gets baptized next wednesday!!  =D
Well everyone, I love you all so much and can’t wait to write to you again next week!!!!!  And Congrats Sister Bronson!!!!  Winnipeg is going to be so blessed!!!  And Happy(late) Birthday my beautiful aunt Munchie!!!!!
Love you all!!!!
Love Sister Arbon